I need charity


We welcome you to the website of the Charity Organization “I need charity”! Thank you for your time and expressing interest in the problems of our society! Our organization aims to help people living in Ukraine. These people found themselves in a difficult life situation.

We believe that thanks to the common efforts of people who are not indifferent to other people’s problems, non-profit and commercial organizations young people will avoid drug abuse and alcoholism, children from orphanages will get attention, love and education, people discharged from imprisonment and homeless people will rebuild their lives, elderly people will not die of starvation, disabled people will overcome difficulties and become happy, and families of dependent children will raise children in love and care.

People who faced a difficult life situation constantly contact us, hoping to find help, and they find it! We help everyone who truly needs help! Under existing circumstances the number of these people is constantly growing. It is a difficult time when the values of the society are becoming more and more violent, especially to socially unprotected people. Our goal is to HELP THESE PEOPLE!

We wish you never face a difficult life situation, and if that happens, never give up, because it is always possible to find a solution!

Charity Organization “I need charity” is an independent, non-profit, non-religious, non-political public organization.

The organization is raising funds to provide targeted financial assistance to those in need regardless of their gender, age, nationality and misfortune that has happened to them.

The employees of the organization are people who have a heart. We are not indifferent to people who face a difficult life situation. This may happen to each of us as well.

In our work we adhere to the principle of responsibility for every cent received on the account of the Organization “I need charity”. This means that before starting fundraising for a person under care we conduct a comprehensive research of his or her due diligence. Investigation of each financial aid applicant aims to prevent situations when collected funds fall among thieves and allows us to spend money purposefully, helping those who really need this.

Protection against unfairness of financial aid applicants is also provided by the strict observance of the principles of rendering help by the Foundation “I need charity” (for example, it is forbidden to hand out collectedfunds), full documentation confirming relationships with persons under care and absolute transparency of all cash flows from the moment of receiving donations till paying particular accounts in favour of persons under care.

Poverty in Ukraine

“All of us have to be honest, because corruption devours us. Corruption feeds us, but at the same time it makes us poor. It makes the prices rise. Our incomings are low because of it. It’s necessary to do what is promised, but not to lie in order not to live in the poor country. Thus, it’s necessary to implement liberal reforms in order to attract foreign capital and avoid situations when our local capital has problems with the state”.

Ukraine: villages are dying out

The reason for extinction of Ukrainian village is simple. It is the destruction of large-scale agricultural production, which was the basis of the rural areas development over the past 50 years. To be more precise, the reason for extinction of the village is the destruction of not large-scale production, but its type, which has been formed in the Soviet years.

Poverty in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the minimum wages (UAH 960 - USD 120) did not provide even a physiological survival level for the employee. Mortality rate exceeds birth rate again. Life expectancy decreases, Ukraine has become one of the world leaders in terms of incidence of tuberculosis, which is called the disease of the poor. The number of street children is greater than it was after the war.